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Three turning parameters viz. In all. At the time It seemed that the sport had received its desthMow.❿

Windows 10 parola kald rma free


She was in France at- tending to wounded men who came in after the Tpres salient, Somme fighting and following engagements, and only left her jtost last May. The Saanich Council clata»ed that this fidewalk would ba of mora benefit to the resl- deats of Victoria than the adjacent municipality.

There is no sIdewaUc on either side of the road. Four houses on each side are concerned. The cost of the proposod sidewalk would be »boat Gordon, F. Gordon Is a native of Prince Edward Ishnd and has spent the last three months traveling through Canada, study- ing ‘. He will also be able to give infonnation on the effect of the entry of the United States into the war. Order your Winter Suit this week and benefit by our cash discount plan.

WeoMB alao cea benefit by our money-saying offer. Oar tweed and worsted fabrics are gaaraii- teed. Our woHooaaship and finish are first- claia. In con- tained in a letter Just received hero from Lieut.

Williams writes: “I am in a very Interesting place at the outskirts of a town or city which I hope ere you get this the Canadians will have taken; the artillery is surely preparing the way.

One night last week he sent a thousand in six minutes in the Ticinlty. In the shell line he favors us with wbis-bangs, shrapnel, three different sise howltsers and an S-inch armor- piercing shell. Then, as a general blood mixture he sends over lots of gas shells at night — anywhere from S to il o’clock. There seems to be at least three different kinds. Judging from the smell and ef- fects, but- we all wear our gas respira- tors continually and are ever on the alert.

A large party of ecclesiastical digni- taries of the Roman Catholic Church ar- rived In the city yesterday afternoon from Vancouver, where they had at- tended the consecration of Bishop Bu- noz. They included high church olffcials from almost every district in Canada west of Winnipeg. The party will remain in the city for several days, after which each of the members will return to his home.

Archbishop Christie, of Portland, was once bishop in Victoria, and Archbishop Mathieu, of Regina, has many friends in this city, so that the visit of these two es- pecially will be pleasurable. Many of the other memlwrs of the party are visiting here for the first time.

Blehop MacDonald has been in the Kast since August In Toronto on October 7 he held ordination, and while In the Maritime Provinces had the pleasure of attend- ing the 0th anniversary of the ordin- ation of his old pastor, Mgr.

Try this! Doubles beauty of your hair in a few moments. No such a thing as fruit or berries seem to per- colate this far, but I should worry. I am feeling well and sleep like a log — even went to sleep with my gas respira- tor on one night last week. That is a thing I tbought Impossope to do. Parhapa I. I have a detachment of picked mea from our company with me. A llttia Danderino Immodlately doubles the beauty of your hair.

No dltroraaca how dull, fadod, brittia and aeraggy, Jnst molatea a doth with Danderino and carefully draw it through yoar hair, taking one small strand at a tins. The eCaoc Is amaslng— yoor hair will ha light. Oot a mnuktl bnttle of Knowlton’s Dnn- drrine for a few cents at any drag store or tollat coanter. A nodam. It was learned yeatar- day. The proposal will be put up to the city council at 7:S0 o’clock next Mon- day night The plana of the oncers, it was said, are to aecuro the money through the submission to the’ ratepay- ers at the municlpsi elections la Jan- uary of a bylaw.

The present home which Is rented by the organization has long outgrown its usefulness. Alderman Johns, a member of the executive, said yesterday. He pointed out that it was capable of ax commodating ten inmates a -few years ago when it was opened, but is not suitable for the forty at present.

News which reached the city , yesterday stated he succumbed on October 12 at the Red Cross Hospital In Winchester, li:n gland. Johnstone was bom in this city forty-six years ago, and was the son ot the late J. Johnston and Mrs. He received his education at St.

Louis College and the Central School. He leaves besides a widow and children, who live on Olive Street, his mother, Mrs. Johnston, and three sisters, Mrs.

George Oeary, Mrs. C Boyce and Miss N. Johnston, all of this city. A stepson, Pte. UJV Tone is the great criterion by which to judge any, musical instrument. The violin of a Paganini is worthy the master’s bow — it has the master tone. Its exact duplicate, lacking this magic quality, is but a shell of varnished Woo4. And Again! Schotield met Miss Ktta Shaw, who has been on furlough in the Hast, and Is now re- turning to Japan, and much regret wan expressed that Victoria had not been favored by a visit from this missionary.

Miss Naftel, matron of the Car- croas Industrial School, being warmly welcomed. The diocesan president. Miss Turner, opened tha meeting, Mrs. Novtmtber 30, Is to b« observed Ky sU memoers as a day of intercMslon, when It Is hopod an- other quiet day for women will ba hold. The work of sending reading mattar to the diffarent camps baa bean at some what of a standsUll oaring to tha baa- ing of so many works, but Mrs.

In raporting far the local cann«fl. Neville Ward, who Is in charge of the Chinese mis- sion in Vancouver, he told of the illfll- culty of obtaining a building for a mls- alon hall in Chinatown owing to the strong opposition to this w6rk by the gambling element, who rented, at a high llgure the building he was hoping to get as a base, where the Uoael could bo planted in the worst part of the city.

A request was made for games, chess, drafts, haima. Miss Bill tendered her r«’slgnatlon owing to her Inability to attend the board meetings, but by a unanimous vote her decision was voted down, and she was asked to reconsider Xf»n matter, her long years of service and capable administration of her duties making her too valuable an officer to be lost to the board.

A very animated discussion arose over the question of raffles, which resulted In the ntembers pledging themselves to discontinue the practice and to dis- countenance It in every way Hi their power. The next board meeting will be held in the Christ Church Cathedral schoolroom on Friday afternoon, No- vember II, commencing at 6 o’clock; the second session at 7 o’olock will be especially for girls’ branches.

Nelson, ho left hero with 1h« «7th Battalion and was later transform red to the 4th Labor Battalion, has been seriously gassed and is now at tho Belmont Koad Hospital. AN Eavtem Cap » m neetmtf tar every car. No pleatura moloriiif mritlMNit one. Again Before Court. Washincton and Nevada will probably bo prssented bafora Kxtradltlon JuJge “laanpman. Har- rison, acting for the State of Washing- ton, ASked for a further remand In or- der that necaaaary evidence required from the United States might be se- cured.

There was a lengthy argument be- tween Mr. Harrison and Mr. Mac- Lakn, reUined by Mr. Klllott, counsel for Mr. Maclean holding that the prosecution should be ready to go oa, that his client could’ refute the al- legatlona against him and that what- ever charges might be made against Mr.

Bennett as to his actions In Illi- nois and Nevada in connection with the divorce actions, the fact was the com- plaint under whUsh his extradition was beln« sought referred solely to the al- leged perjury In Seattle and the pro- ceedings here must be confined to that phase of it.

Harrison pointed to the fact that the flrst Mrs. Bennett, to secure a di- vorce from whom proceedings were in- stituted by Mr. In all extradition procsedlngH. Harrison opined Bennett left be- cause he knew he had committed per- jury and wanted to get beyond the Jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Waahlngton. To Mr. MacLean’s declaration that the whole case was one of a dispute between man and wife Mr. Harrison as- sarted the whole divorce proceeding had been a bogus one, that the flrst Mrs.

Bennktt had never received notice or instructions to appear to defend the aetton. The sureties are Mr. Laurence Oeodacre and Mr. Oak Bay. The overture and accompaniment by Miss Jefferlea on the piano and Pte.

Jack on the violin added greatly to the suc- cess of the performance. In the comedy paru Corpl. Another treat for the evening waa the second appearance at the Willows of Mrs. Lilian Shaw, nee Miss Cheswell, of Nanaim4, a singer of considerable local prominence. Shaw is, without doubt, the most accomplished singer ever heard at the Willows, and the boys are looking forward to her appearance in the very near future again. A cornet solo by Bandsman Court was also well receclved.

In the Y. More Is being added by Pte. Swanson, of the C. At the entertainment on Wednesday evening special souvenir programmes were distributed, these being furnished by The Macey Co. For next Wednesday night Prof. Trip A Co. And there have been sobs In his bosom. As out on the shores he slept. An Edinburgh girl who has been do- ing her bit is Miss Gardiner Sinclair. For a year she has been working. The women from Scotland be- gan to ahow their patriotism and their efficiency very early in the war.

One need not go far from home to get glimpses that will delight and cheer. On many a wall the crimson of the Virginia creeper reminds the aaatemer of the glory of the Au- tumn woods, although a month and more since these were stripped ot their foliage.

Our own trees are still green, albeit their delicate freshness vanished hi mid-Summer. The birds have stolen many of the rowan tree berries which a few weeks ago were a coral glory. The deeper crimson of the hawthorn shows here and there, and the holly berries are beginning to gleam amid the polished leaves.

Lawns were never smoother or green- er, and beds of scarlet geraniums and yellow calceolarias make a pleasing contrast.

Above a high fence a great branch of pink roses seems to defy the morning breexe and dahlias, white, yel- low, pink and crimson have escaped the touch of early frost.

Their coming seems to tell ua that every season has its J6ys and to whisper a message of cheer and hope and glad courage. These garden ffow- ers lack the perfection of their hot- house sisters, but their lavish beauty la very welcome when the more deHcate favorites of the garden vanish. This morning, however, clove pinks are still blooming and sweet. A stray popy may be seen, and stocks which have lasted more than ten weeks.

Socialist, were chargsd by their respective parties to acquaint Chancellor Michaels with their lack of conffdence. The majority can Ulk intelUgently about the disoovery of America. These and many such things they learned in school and they have not forgotten them. To allow young people to grow up without a desire to know what is going on In the world Is wrong. It is thay who must carry on Its affairs. In a few years they, both men and W9men, will have a share In the government of this Province snd.

What qualiflcations have they to exercise their franchise? There are a few homes where this Is done today, and from these will come thoughtful men and woman. Too often the father leaves his home for club and lodge, and the young people spend their evenings at the dance or the picture show. The newspaper Is glanced at and thrown aside.

If In their study of public questions they take the big boys and girls Into their counsel both will be improved. Their best textbooks will be the newspapers, for they will be wise If they read more than one. Hitherto these have not been succeeded by the sijKht of biasing houses.

Housekeepers have become accustomed to rely upon the ability of the Are department to prevent a serious conflagration. This does not. We live In wooden bousos for the most part. Special, f 1. Cap and Scarf Sets for Wimen and Misses -. These sets come in good quality brushed wool, attrac- tively Icnitted in colors of rose, saxe blue, khaki, canary, etc. The Cap is caught up at the side, and is finished with tassel, while the ‘Scarf is finished at each end with fringe.

This is exclusive of Ares resulting from dangerous atove- plpes or chimney sparks. Rarely if ever does the occupant of a house make an Examina- tion of the chimney where It passes through the attic. Oct, It. Cape O. Blrkbeck, previously re- ported wounded and mlaalnc and now ofllolally announced killed in action, was a staunch supporter of courslnv. Llka liis father before him, Capt. BIrkiMck was a valued member of the Norfolk County erieket team.

In that year Capt. In the feUowlnf aaaon ho captained Norfolk o nssveral occasions had an average of 33 for thirteen matches and a b«st inning of lOB against Herts at Norwich. Major ‘j. Ataitaa Beooratsd V. Simpson, the well-known Shaf- Held golfer ‘and soccer footballer, has been awarded ths Military Cross for’ brilliant aarvloes, while the famous pro- fessional golfer, Ooorge Paaneil, has sained tho Military Medal for galUntry In Franee.

Ireland, the Cambridge University golfer and cricketer, has also been awarded the Military Cross. Peter Quin. Phil Bvans, the famous Swan- sea Rugby player, has been wounded In, tho face by a shall. He was an out- standing member of the Swansea pack In I Thomas, their clever oantro tbrea-quarter, has been dis- charged from , the army owing t» wounds, while their captain, Lieut.

Howol Lewis, Is still undsr treatment for a aavera wound. Liaut MeOooald. Bram- ley, Cpl. Bantly, Pte. Swan, Cpl. Har- wood, Pte. Duncan, Pte. Watson, Pte. Craggs, Pte. Dra- per, Cpl. Knight, Fletcher, Christian, Wallis. Smith and Dsa- ley; rtMwytu, Tweedle and Coopar.

So the show had to be poatponed until next week, when tho diatrlbutton of ribbona and money will tako place under. This, aa kaa ofUn boon said, is a ter- rlbla war. Meaher, prealdent of the V. The annual meeting of the association Kad bean called twice, but on each oc- casion there had not been a quorum present, consequently the usual business of election of officers for this season had not yet been put through. Aanua Those who were able to ait up and take notice In the year 1«7« probably remember the “Noisy Nine” baseball Club of Tayloravllle, Pa.

The challenge was, un- fortunately, not accepted by anyone, and It was a great pity, for the game would have had all of the interest of a visit to a museum of antiquities. Kekonlgas, the London, Ont. This by no means exhausts the list for there were good clubs scattered all over the United States and Ca:nada, and each big city had a number of nines, between whom there was bitter rivalry.

The overhand pitching rules were revised at this period, and then com- menced the sdenee of twirling as It is knovn today. Before that the func- tion of the moundsmen was to pitch In such a manner that the batter could hit the ball, which accounta for the tre- mendous scores of those days.

The bat- ter would stroll to the plate, remark- ing: “Please send one over a little above the knee, and not very fast. At about the same time a revolutionary rule was adopted forcing base runners. The “Zulu” Kid was the aggressor from the flrst gong until the flnlsh, and kept after Dillon continually. He earned the decision. It was a clever exhibition of tnflghtlng.

At this point Mr. Jack Tonson entered the room and completed tha requisite number for a qaarum of the V. The question wis then raised by W. Davies«as to the intermediate cup j and trophies won by the V. It was resolved that the president. Mesher, should represent the V.

Day took the names of the delegates preseitt rep- resenting clubs which Intend to enter teams In this year’s league. Harwood C. Payne Rov- ers , Bergt. Harrison K. Yousen Victoria Wests , W.

Davies V. The Queation waa then raised aa to what cups would be played for. Touson remarked that the Weats had. Risk Assessment. Related Sandbox Artifacts.

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COM EMail abusecomplaints markmonitor. COM Name Server b. Every great product stems from a design capable of making heads turn; as such the new Noise Flair features a fresh and modern look resonate of the current millennial mood.

Its trendy and clean design is complemented by its soft-silicone tips that sit comfortably in your ears for prolonged listening. Auto-clip magnets ensure that the neckbands snap softly together around your neck post usage. Realising the need of the hour, the neckbands are made from food-grade silicone, making them both smart and sustainable. Primed to offer immersive and clear sound across your calls; the Noise Flair comes with Environmental Noise Cancellation to drown out all distractions – so that you focus exclusively on the audio itself.

Dual microphones ensure that you get lag-free and consistent sound on your calls. Komut satr RAR, ‘arivad. Kurtarma ciltleri daha az disk arama ilemi yapar. Bu kod sadece RAR 5. XZ ariv biimi iin dosya kartma destei eklendi. Arivleme iletiim kutusunda, “Profiller RAR kurtarma ciltleri. ZIP arivleri iin yksek doruluklu zaman destei eklendi. Bilgisayar kapatmak iin -ioff veya -ioff1 komut satr anahtarn kullann, Ansi based on Dropped File WhatsNew. ZIP ek alan verisinde saklanan Unicode isimleri iin destek eklendi.

Lzip sktrcs ile oluturulan. Yeniden denensin mi? Ariv test komutunu tar. Cilt boyutu alannda deiiklikler yapld. Ad” Ansi based on Dropped File rar. It is necessary to make such character Ansi based on Dropped File rar. Ansi based on Dropped File rar. Lften RAR’1 daha yeni bir srme ykseltin. AES olarak deitirildi. En yksek ekleme boyutu birka megabayttr.


Windows 10 parola kald rma free


Двухцветный встал и с презрением посмотрел на Беккера. – Чего вы от меня хотите. Беккер задумался: «Я бы хотел, чтобы ты как следует вымыл голову, научился говорить по-человечески и нашел себе работу». Но решил, что хочет от этого парня слишком многого.

– Мне нужна кое-какая информация, – сказал .


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